Anton has more than 17 years of architectural experience designing multi-storey residential and public building. During his career he cooperated with several international architectural companies.
After graduating from the Urals Architecture Academy (UralGAHA) in 2002 he joined Viktor Tarasenko Architects in Perm and went on to work as Chief Architect in McAdam Architects, Erick van Egeraat's office and Sergey Skuratov Architects.

In 2012 he founded architectural company in Moscow.
Anton is the member of Perm's urban planning committee.


The pure image of the building is important to us, but not sufficient. We see buildings as shapes that cannot be separated from their surrounding and the life around them as they are part of the same eco-system.

For us, concept design is the most important part of the project as its precision impacts the future of the site: will the concept grow and develop or will it fade out. A concept design is the outcome of a dialogue with all project stakeholders, where we define the issues to be solved by our design.

It is easier to achieve great results when you use the right method, know all the project challenges and how and when to address them.
We create architectural designs for mixed-use buildings, office blocks, residential estates, museums and art galleries as well as urban landscape and public space concept designs.
We explore, create and design dynamic projects disrupting the rules. Our solutions for complex problems are fresh, simple and easy to understand and our projects develop into visually clear structures, however, elaborate.
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